GURUTZPE Lathe Specifications

The range of GURUTZPE lathes covers pieces of up to Ø4m and weights of up to 200t. Roughness Ra=0,8 and roundness =5µm are achieved and even surpassed.

Comparison of machines according to workpiece dimensions

Comparison of technologies

  • Hydrostatic guidance (HD): Hydrostatic guidance utilizes a pressurized fluid film to maintain a separation between moving components, providing precise and frictionless motion in machine tool beds.
  • Hydrodynamic guidance (HS): Hydrodynamic guidance relies on the relative motion of surfaces in a lubricated environment to generate fluid pressure, enabling smooth and low-friction movement in machine tool slides.
  • Rolling guidance (R): Rolling guidance employs rolling elements, such as bearings or rollers, to support and guide the movement of machine tool components, ensuring accuracy and reduced friction during operation.
Comparison of our different machine tool guidance systems.

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