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GURUTZPE solutions allow the user to focus the machine’s functions on specific operational needs, guaranteeing an optimal return on investment.

In addition to the regular components that make up the machine, GURUTZPE has a wide range of technologies and accessories that enable and facilitate critical machining operations on the piece.

In this way, we transform the lathe into a multitasking machine, in which a wide variety of operations can be performed without the need to transfer our customers' parts to other machines in their workshop.

Machining operations

Machining operations

OD External turning

Main turning module for our machines, directly secured onto the machining carriage or interchangeable using the FAMOC system.

Machining modules


Square turret

Disc turret

Machining operations

ID Internal turning

Modules for adaptation of internal boring bars, specially manufactured according to the design criteria of the main manufacturers of this type of tool, to give the highest necessary rigidity for their correct operation.

Machining modules

Anti-vibration bar

Anti-vibration bar in square turret

Machining operations


Modules designed for high-precision milling operations, mounted on our machines’ milling column. These modules allow a wide range of processes, including flat surface milling, slotting, and complex shaping.

We collaborate closely with leading milling tool manufacturers to ensure seamless integration, providing maximum efficiency and precision in every milling operation.

Machining modules

Extended headstocks

Headstock 90º

Milling module in square turret

Motorised disc turret

Variable angle headstock

Y-axis milling column

Y-axis motorised disc turret

Machining operations


Modules for the adaptation of boring, contouring and facing heads, mounted on the milling column, both manual and automatic control (“U” axis).

We work hand in hand with the world’s leading manufacturers (COGSDILL, D’ANDREA…), analysing each particular operation (internal radial boring, flange gasket seats), adapting the machine to the customer’s needs and guaranteeing robust and precise operation.

Machining modules

U-axis boring headstock

Bottle boring

Machining operations


Advanced systems for drilling operations, designed to accommodate boring bars of various sizes and specifications. These modules provide exceptional stability and precise control, essential for high-precision internal drilling operations.

The systems are easily adjustable to suit a variety of drilling tasks, from small and precise holes to larger diameter bores.

Machining operations


Specialized modules for creating internal and external threads. Equipped with high-precision tools, these systems form accurate and uniform threads on a variety of materials.

Advanced motion control technology ensures accuracy in thread pitch and depth, resulting in high-quality threads with excellent surface finish.

Machining operations


Modules for adaptation of grinding heads, on the actual turret or interchangeable using the FAMOC system, specially designed to obtain good surface finishes in certain areas of the customer’s parts.

Machining modules

Belt sander

External grinding

Internal grinding

Machining operations


Modules for adaptation of burnishing tools, on the turret itself or interchangeable using the FAMOC system, specially designed to obtain good surface finishes (roughness Ra 0.2-0.4) without the need for grinding operations.

Machining modules


Machining operations

Piece mesurement

Innovative integrated measurement systems in our machines ensure utmost precision in machining operations. These measurement modules use cutting-edge technology for real-time measurement of workpieces, ensuring dimensions and tolerances meet the strictest standards.

In-process measurement allows for instant adjustments, enhancing machining efficiency and ensuring the quality and precision of each manufactured piece. 

Machining operations

Combined units

Our versatile 'Combined' module integrates multiple machining operations into a single unit, combining functions like turning, milling, boring, threading, and measurement for efficient and precise machining

Machining modules

B-axis turn mill

Disc turret + boring bar

Milling machine + Truning blade

Lathe-notching + markig + measurement unit

Zero point system

FAMOC System

GURUTZPE offers a wide range of machining modules, with the aim of covering all the operations that our customers have to perform on their parts, without the need to move them around to other machines. Saving set-up and handling times.

For this we have different ways to change the machining units, always in a simple and fast way, and the most developed of these is the FAMOC System. It is based on a commercial zero-point anchoring system with a positioning repeatability of 5 μ and full interlocking rigidity.


Modular designs optimized in decades of experience and expertise, give the flexibility to compose the desired solutions for your machine.

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Explore our extensive collection of modular options for machining. With each component refined over decades of expertise, our range offers unparalleled flexibility and precision. From robust chucks to sophisticated enclosures, each element showcases our commitment to quality and innovation. This comprehensive selection allows you to tailor your machine with the precise features and components to meet the rigorous demands of modern machining.

  • Hydrostatic rests

  • Hydrodynamic rests

  • Bed-type rests

  • Chuck rests

  • Hydraulic rests (individual)

  • Hydraulic rests (tandem)

  • Hydraulic rests (rotary)

  • Positioning rests

  • Manual chucks


The importance of good clamping of the part is essential for the correct machining of our customers’ parts and to meet their exacting tolerances.

  • Manual chucks

  • Automatic chucks

  • Chucks with bar throughput

  • Customised chucks for specific applications

Steady rests

Steady rests are a fundamental element of a lathe to ensure the perfect centring of the part to be machined, support its load and the cutting forces generated.

  • Hydrostatic rests

  • Hydrodynamic rests

  • Bed-type rests

  • Chuck rests

  • Hydraulic rests (individual)

  • Hydraulic rests (tandem)

  • Hydraulic rests (rotary)

  • Positioning rests

  • Closed rests (3 rollers)


The protection of the operators and the environment around the machine from chips and cutting fluid projected during the machining, and reducing noise emissions and the mists generated, are increasingly more demanded requirements in modern installations.

  • Full enclosure

  • Partial surround enclosure

  • Partial enclosure

  • Box type enclosure


Explore a selection of specialized modules, each tailored to enhance various aspects of your machining operations.

This category includes innovative solutions designed for specific needs, ensuring your equipment is fitted with the latest technology for superior performance and efficiency.

These components are crucial in elevating machine functionality, ensuring operational safety, and boosting productivity in sophisticated machining scenarios.

  • Chip management

  • Fumes extraction

  • Loading and unloading

  • Piece measuring

  • Tool calibration

  • Tools magazine

  • Coolant management

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