A second chance for your trusted machine.

Thanks to our extensive experience in modernizing lathes, our technical team is capable of upgrading any other machine, whether or not it is a GURUTZPE lathe.

We expand the functions of the machine, allowing it to meet new needs, work with greater profitability or selectively increase its added value.

Revitalize Your Machinery

Before & After with Gurutzpe

Experience the astounding journey from outdated to cutting-edge with Gurutzpe's retrofitting expertise. Witness the remarkable transformation of machinery as it evolves from its former self to a powerhouse of productivity and innovation.


Extend the life of your GURUTZPE machine

GURUTZPE adapts to all conditions and needs, analysing various aspects of the machine:

  • Mechanics. Complete mechanical revision of the components.
  • Electric. Repair or modernization of servomotors, electrical cabinet, CNC control, machine wiring, positioning and feedback systems.
  • Geometric. Rectification of guides, repair of deformities and adjustment to the original manufacturing tolerances.
  • Hydraulic and lubrication. Proper operation of machine and hydraulic systems.

We also retrofit and repair third-party machines

Enhance and revitalize any machine with Gurutzpe

At Gurutzpe, we extend our retrofitting and repair expertise to machines from other manufacturers. Whether it's enhancing functionality or extending the life of your equipment, our experienced team can upgrade any machine.

We conduct thorough mechanical revisions, electrical upgrades, geometric adjustments, and improvements to hydraulic and lubrication systems. Trust Gurutzpe to transform your third-party machines into modern, efficient, and productive assets.