Turning Solutions

Multitask CNC Lathes

GURUTZPE designs and manufactures multitask CNC horizontal lathes in close collaboration with its customers.


Complete machining of rotating parts

  • Wbc ≤ 200
  • Øoc ≤ 4 m
  • Lbc 25 m
  • Ra ≥ 0,8 μm
  • O 0,005

Machining operations

  • OD External turning
  • ID Internal turning
  • Milling
  • Facing
  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Grinding
  • Burnishing
  • Piece mesurement
  • Combined units

Benefits of GURUTZPE Multitasking Solution

number of operators number of machines number of programs number of tools tools chips & waste management
Conventional Solution

How we work

The process of turning your needs into Turning Solutions. We are focused on the quality and cost of your workpiece probing.


Fully understanding our customer needs is the most important thing for us when offering the ideal solution. In fact, we believe that it is the most critical phase of the project, and we strive to define a clear, agreed goal with our customer.


We look at each requirement in depth, we analyse alternatives, we discuss pros and cons... until we design a solution that responds to each need. We engage in open dialogue with the customer, ensuring we achieve the most optimal constructive and operational architecture.


The conceptualisation phase is the key to going over the fine details and agreeing on a solution that meets the quality, cost and time requirements demanded by the customer. We prepare 3D models of the proposal, we simulate machining processes and show them on video and we develop ROI analysis.


Once the right turning solution has been agreed, our Mechanical Engineering Department develops the machine models and the associated assembly drawings, in order for the customer to agree and sign them off. This is where the work of our expert engineering and production team begins.


Once the machine is available in perfect working order, it is time to reach full production in the shortest time possible. GURUTZPE offers its experience, together with specific knowledge of the customer’s product process, which will ensure machine operators learn quickly how to use them and achieve high productivity levels.


Everything described in the previous steps only makes sense if the expected production, quality, and cost ratios are achieved. At GURUTZPE, the customer’s profits and losses are important to us. We want it to quickly start generating a cash flow, and for this to be maintained over time.


GURUTZPE solutions allow the user to focus the machine’s functions on specific operational needs, guaranteeing an optimal return on investment. We are always ready to work alongside customers for any special and complex challenge put to us.

In addition to the regular components that make up the machine, GURUTZPE has a wide range of accessories and technologies that enable and facilitate critical machining operations on the part.


Software and digital solutions

GURUTZPE optimises machining processes, extends the working life of your machine, and reduces operating costs.

  • Optimised screens.
  • Applications
  • Advanced technologies
  • Industria 4.0

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