Enhancing machining with advanced digital technology solutions.

GURUTZPE’s Digital services seamlessly blend advanced technology with machining expertise, enhancing efficiency and machine longevity.

Our solutions, from optimized interfaces to predictive maintenance, revolutionize operational effectiveness and cost management.


Optimised screens

GURUTZPE customised screens that simplify and improve the user experience:

  • Management of coolant
  • Collection
  • Axis consumption


  • Parameter support for programming, machining, and measuring cycles for particular and complex applications.
  • Specific solutions for a range of sectors: railway, lathe-notching, measuring...

Advanced technologies

  • Adaptive control. GURUTZPE’s adaptive control automatically adjusts the cutting parameters ccording to the actual machining situation.
  • Load monitoring. The system runs the most appropriate machine action (e.g., machine alarm or feed hold) whenever machining conditions change.
  • Headstock swivel. Automatic headstock speed control to drastically reduce machine vibrations.
  • Tool retract. The tool retracts automatically according to defined settings (broken tool, load monitoring, etc.), and repositions itself to restart machining.
  • Chip breake. Programmable oscillation in tool movement, breaking chips by interrupted cutting effect.

Preventative & predictive maintenance

  • Optimal reduction of operational and maintenance costs. User’s guide for maintenance tasks and machine performance tests (roundness, linearity).
  • Fast, automated procedure under controlled conditions to regularly monitor the condition of your GURUTZPE lathe.
  • Mathematical and statistical models and computations to obtain the data necessary to estimate/predict anomalous behaviour.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Machine productivity indicators. We define the KPIs in accordance with each customer’s needs, thus ensuring greater control over production:

  • Machine availability
  • Efficiency
  • Production
  • Consumption